Easter 2018

2018_Easter It is this special time, when we celebrate Easter in Poland and in my home. Here is a tiny piece of what we welcome this day with, and what brings our thoughts together: eggs, bread, salt, meat- food with symbolic meaning, food that we share and appreciate in a unique way this day.

I hope that all of you who come here with a visit are loved and loving, safe, happy and blessed, wherever you are in the world and regardless of whether you do or not celebrate Easter. Take your time to spend these precious moments with your family members and friends, slow down, pray, rest and enjoy everything that comes along with this atmosphere.

Cathliin and family.


P.S. All the food is ready by now ladies, everybody’s stomach is full and satisfied so we are free to knit/ crochet/ tat/ stich on, right? Have fun! I am working on a new crochet hexagon rug for my kitchen floor, and I am loving it <3.


Love-Bug KAL with a twist

Does anyone remember the Love Bug doll designed by my dear friend Irishmagda? We are hosting a new KAL (new year = new event, right?) with this doll as a main character. We had one KAL with this doll already but this time we are adding a bit of a twist to the whole event.
Interested? Join us in the prawelewe group on Ravelry. There are more details in the main KAL thread here.
See you there!

Happy New Year – 2018

New year's wishes_2017

For this new year, I wish you all who come here with a visit now and then

– many interesting projects to be challenged with;
– most of the WIPs finished on time to please your soul;
– lovely fibres to knit, crochet ans tat with, and to spin, too;
– super extra tools to work with, to make your work a real pleasure;
– amazing colours to enjoy your eyes;
– some free time every week to be dedicated to your passions;
– happy people who receive your hand-made gifts from you…
and some sweets, too (those tiny sheep are made of dark and white chocolate, aren’t those cute?)

With best wishes,



Christmas 2018


To all of you who love working with fibre as much as I do, who sometimes do not have enough time on hand to follow our hearts’ desires but who never give up in hoping for better tomorrow. To those of you who constantly support me and ecourage to continue on my artistic development. Thank you for being with me.

With blessings, C.


Independence Day in Poland

It is about time to dust off my blog!

I always wanted to have a small Polish flag to be put inside my home for national celebrations but I did not like those plastic-fibre, cheap-looking ones that are available in shops. ‘Maybe I could make it’, I thought, and begun drawing.

Here is a mini version of my Polish flag. This one is made of cotton thread, thus is very absorbent but that is all fine for indoors use. I might think of some lighter (weight wise) fibre for a larger version of the flag at some point but it will not be a regular size for sure.

Fillet crochet, a technique used here, is very simple, allows for really fast work and quickly achievable result. There is a heart shape incorporated but it is possible to make plain flag, too.

The pattern is on its way.

Happy Independence Day to all of you who happen to come with a visit here. ~ C.

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