Arctic Land Hap

Once I was done experimenting with the Old Shale and Feather and Fan traditional Shetland border patterns (incorporated e.g. in the Old Shale Shetland Hap, Arctic Water and Arctic Air) as well as with edgings so typical for lace designs from Shetland and Estonia, I wanted to challenge myself with combining basic simple stitches into […]

Arctic Air Hap

As mentioned in several previous posts of mine, including the one about Shetland haps, I wanted to try the Feather and Fan stitch pattern for quite some time now. Obviously the other traditional border pattern for haps- Old Shale- is the most popular, and I must admit, much easier to knit, while Feather and Fan […]

Arctic Water Hap

As continuation of my adventure with Shetland haps’ knitting, which I blogged about in this post, for the last couple of weeks I have been working on a set of patterns for Shetland-style wraps for everyday use. The idea was to knit three haps in one colour scheme, with some pattern elements staying the same […]

OutsideIn Hat

This is the last winter-like design for this season. It should be spring already but this year’s March weather in Poland does not seem to want the sun to warm us up just yet. Hopefully the cold will go away shortly. I like chilly weather but after such a long winter we have had this […]

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