dziergadanie prawelewe KIP continues in 2017

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Join us at our monthly prawelewe KIPs called dziergadanie in Polish (dzierganie=knitting and gadanie=chatting).

We meet regulary every thrid Thursday of a month at Bema Cafe by Legnicka street in Wrocław, Poland. It is at the back of the Legnicka Business House (LBH), the building in front of the Magnolia Park.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of the technique you use to stich and your level of expertise. And if you do not feel like stitching but wish to meet people of good hearts, come join us for chatting.

Cathlin and THE team ♥


One thought on “dziergadanie prawelewe KIP continues in 2017

  1. Hello
    I am trying to knit one of your preemie octpus’s for my very tiny grandson. My tentacles are nowhere near as tight as your!!! I am using 100% cotton DK yarn but wondered which method of casting on you used as I can only think that this could be my problem.

    Thank you Marlene

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