Independence Day in Poland

It is about time to dust off my blog!

I always wanted to have a small Polish flag to be put inside my home for national celebrations but I did not like those plastic-fibre, cheap-looking ones that are available in shops. ‘Maybe I could make it’, I thought, and begun drawing.

Here is a mini version of my Polish flag. This one is made of cotton thread, thus is very absorbent but that is all fine for indoors use. I might think of some lighter (weight wise) fibre for a larger version of the flag at some point but it will not be a regular size for sure.

Fillet crochet, a technique used here, is very simple, allows for really fast work and quickly achievable result. There is a heart shape incorporated but it is possible to make plain flag, too.

The pattern is on its way.

Happy Independence Day to all of you who happen to come with a visit here. ~ C.

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