Octopus for a preemie

Octopus for a preemie

About the project

World Wide Knit In Public Day 2016 and dziergadanie prawelewe KIP are joined events this year, and take place under the OCTOPUS FOR A PREEMIE project umbrella. This is a world-wide project focused on making squishy octopus toys for premature babies. The tentacles of the octos are meant to resemble the umbilical cord and to remind the babies of their time in the womb.

The concept was born in 2013 in Denmark. More about the original idea is to be found here (in Danish) and here (in English). Making octos for preemies has spread around since and there are many countries where people make and donate their octopus toys to local hospitals. There is a group of Polish volunteers, who coordinate this project in Poland, too (their page is here).

Myself and my friend-Irishmagda have decided to support this idea both for Polish and Irish babies, and for anyone who wishes to take advantage of our versions of the instructions and make octos for any preemie. Based on the original Danish instructions, we have prepared our own version of the patterns for crochet and knitted Octopus, both in Polish and English (UK and US terms).

18th June 2016 is the WWKIP Day so prawelewe and a Wrocław’s LYS-Makeland have joined for a great cause. We meet with our friends, customers, fans and new people to knit and crochet octopus toys, and then donate them for premature babies in hospitals in Wrocław, Poland. There are two techniques you can use to make your octos: crochet (will look similar to the octo on the left in the picture) and knitting (will look somewhat like the one on the right in the picture). There are certain rules for making your octopus toys so they could be given to premature babies, and all are described in the patters (those are also available on the Danish page, Polish project’s page and surely any other coordinators group’s page you will find) but not so many, and all of them are because the octopus toys are to be healthy, helpful and forever for every baby who receives it.

About the event

Our dziergadanie prawelewe KIP + WWKiP Day 2016 have their special FB event here. There is also an event on the official World Wide Knit In Public Day page. You are all welcome to join us, regardless of your level of expertise in knitting or crochet.

WWKiP Day 2016_63 dziergadanie prawelewe KIP(The avatar with octopus used in the banner above is by Pracownia Artystyczna “Ale pomysł!” and comes from this page.)

Octopus for a preemie

Especially for you
Although the WWKiP Day and our 62. dziergadanie prawelewe KIP is a one-day event, this project participation is by no means to end the same day. There is a plan to bring this idea to Ireland- one of our Ravelry prawelewe group friends wants to spread the news there so the patterns published on the prawelewe page are for everybody who wants to get involved. Enjoy!

Please note that there might be slight differences in requirements given by coordinators in different countries. It simply depends on the agreement the people who run the project make with the representatives of the local hospitals. Please make sure that you work your octopus toys exactly the way it is described by the people who will collect your work from you, otherwise your octos might not reach the babies.

Patterns available for a free download

If you grab one or more of them for yourself, please leave a comment below this post to share with all of us that you are involved.

NOTE: English patterns have been slightly updated; the current version is 20-06-2016. Please make sure to work with the newest version of these files.

thumbnail of Octopus for a preemie_Knitted_18-06-2016

Octopus for a preemie- knitted version 20-06-2016 ENG –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!


thumbnail of Octopus for a preemie_Crochet_18-06-2016

Octopus for a preemie- crochet version 20-06-2016 ENG –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!

thumbnail of Osmiorniczka dla wczesniaka_druty_18-06-2016

Ośmiorniczka dla wcześniaka- wzór na druty 18-06-2016 PL –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!

thumbnail of Osmiorniczka dla wczesniaka_szydelko_18-06-2016

Ośmiorniczka dla wcześniaka- wzór na szydełko 18-06-2016 PL –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!







8 thoughts on “Octopus for a preemie

  1. Hi Doris, thank you for reaching out. It is wonderful that you work on this pattern.
    To CO those additional stitches you only need to loop your yarn over the needle. I show this in one of my videos on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BDmV5yLTSo&list=PL09EA4AE087CE7AD0&index=12 (skip to about one minute from the beginning…and listen me speak Polish :)…to see how to do it).

    When it comes to needles, you only need two straight needles (DPNs or regular) because knitted octo is done sideways not in a round, i.e. you knit it from the tip of its head to the bottom using short rows, work tentacle and get back to the top of the head. So the octo is semi-flat before you seem it, like shown on the pictures under ‘Assembling the body’ section on page 5 of the pattern.

    Hugs, C. xxx

  2. I am trying to knit an octopus and do not understand how to CO the additional 40 stitches after you have 22 knit stitches on the needle.
    Also, should I use a circular needle or two straight or four straight needles? I can knit but this seems difficult.
    I cannot crochet but that looks easier.
    Many thanks.

  3. Hi Sandra,
    the patterns presented on my page are both in Polish and Enligh, and the eEnglish version has both UK and US terms. You will find it all inside. Enjoy and let your hands work well and stay painless. ~C.

  4. Hi Pat,
    unfortunately I do not have yarn to give for those toys. Some of the octos I made came from gifted yarn. Where are you staying now? I am pretty sure there is a similar initiative in your area, and hopefully there is yarn to be used for such projects. Maybe you could ask around. All the best! xxx

  5. I would love to make some between orders but have badly arthritic hands. To keep them moving I knit and crochet and tend to alternate between them both when they start to hurt. Therefore I would like both patterns UK versions. However I can only find the knitted version.

  6. If you can provide the wool I can do loads of knitted toys for them I would do them but can not afford the wool and the stuffing as I am not in work just on disability money

  7. You are welcome Malgorzata. I am happy to learn that the instructions are useful. Enjoy and share. xxx

  8. Thank you for a translated patterns. All is very clean for me to understand. I would like to use them for project in UK.

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