dziergadanie prawelewe KIP continues in 2017

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Join us at our monthly prawelewe KIPs called dziergadanie in Polish (dzierganie=knitting and gadanie=chatting).

We meet regulary every thrid Thursday of a month at Bema Cafe by Legnicka street in Wrocław, Poland. It is at the back of the Legnicka Business House (LBH), the building in front of the Magnolia Park.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of the technique you use to stich and your level of expertise. And if you do not feel like stitching but wish to meet people of good hearts, come join us for chatting.

Cathlin and THE team ♥


Christmas wishes 2016

Christmas-card_prawelewe_2016To everyone who comes with a visit to read my posts and take advantage of materials I share on this website as well as to all of you who enjoy working with my patterns and learn from my instructions- thank you for your support, valuable feedback, help and good energies sent towards me throughout the past year.

We are getting closer to the end of 2016, which was a year of quite many changes in my prawelewe art studio. Hopefully, I will be able to share more news (good news, of course) very soon. I have been busy with life recently, so my small prawelewe-related dream is to get back to publishing gossips from the studio, sharing new patterns, running events and workshops, developing this website for all of you to enjoy and to present some new projects.

As we are in the middle of celebrating Christmas, I am sending you wishes of blessed and peaceful time with your families and friends so you get ready to enter this coming new year 2017 with faith, hope and love.

~ Cathliin


Octopus for a preemie

Octopus for a preemie

About the project

World Wide Knit In Public Day 2016 and dziergadanie prawelewe KIP are joined events this year, and take place under the OCTOPUS FOR A PREEMIE project umbrella. This is a world-wide project focused on making squishy octopus toys for premature babies. The tentacles of the octos are meant to resemble the umbilical cord and to remind the babies of their time in the womb.

The concept was born in 2013 in Denmark. More about the original idea is to be found here (in Danish) and here (in English). Making octos for preemies has spread around since and there are many countries where people make and donate their octopus toys to local hospitals. There is a group of Polish volunteers, who coordinate this project in Poland, too (their page is here).

Myself and my friend-Irishmagda have decided to support this idea both for Polish and Irish babies, and for anyone who wishes to take advantage of our versions of the instructions and make octos for any preemie. Based on the original Danish instructions, we have prepared our own version of the patterns for crochet and knitted Octopus, both in Polish and English (UK and US terms).

18th June 2016 is the WWKIP Day so prawelewe and a Wrocław’s LYS-Makeland have joined for a great cause. We meet with our friends, customers, fans and new people to knit and crochet octopus toys, and then donate them for premature babies in hospitals in Wrocław, Poland. There are two techniques you can use to make your octos: crochet (will look similar to the octo on the left in the picture) and knitting (will look somewhat like the one on the right in the picture). There are certain rules for making your octopus toys so they could be given to premature babies, and all are described in the patters (those are also available on the Danish page, Polish project’s page and surely any other coordinators group’s page you will find) but not so many, and all of them are because the octopus toys are to be healthy, helpful and forever for every baby who receives it.

About the event

Our dziergadanie prawelewe KIP + WWKiP Day 2016 have their special FB event here. There is also an event on the official World Wide Knit In Public Day page. You are all welcome to join us, regardless of your level of expertise in knitting or crochet.

WWKiP Day 2016_63 dziergadanie prawelewe KIP(The avatar with octopus used in the banner above is by Pracownia Artystyczna “Ale pomysł!” and comes from this page.)

Octopus for a preemie

Especially for you
Although the WWKiP Day and our 62. dziergadanie prawelewe KIP is a one-day event, this project participation is by no means to end the same day. There is a plan to bring this idea to Ireland- one of our Ravelry prawelewe group friends wants to spread the news there so the patterns published on the prawelewe page are for everybody who wants to get involved. Enjoy!

Please note that there might be slight differences in requirements given by coordinators in different countries. It simply depends on the agreement the people who run the project make with the representatives of the local hospitals. Please make sure that you work your octopus toys exactly the way it is described by the people who will collect your work from you, otherwise your octos might not reach the babies.

Patterns available for a free download

If you grab one or more of them for yourself, please leave a comment below this post to share with all of us that you are involved.

NOTE: English patterns have been slightly updated; the current version is 20-06-2016. Please make sure to work with the newest version of these files.

thumbnail of Octopus for a preemie_Knitted_18-06-2016

Octopus for a preemie- knitted version 20-06-2016 ENG –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!


thumbnail of Octopus for a preemie_Crochet_18-06-2016

Octopus for a preemie- crochet version 20-06-2016 ENG –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!

thumbnail of Osmiorniczka dla wczesniaka_druty_18-06-2016

Ośmiorniczka dla wcześniaka- wzór na druty 18-06-2016 PL –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!

thumbnail of Osmiorniczka dla wczesniaka_szydelko_18-06-2016

Ośmiorniczka dla wcześniaka- wzór na szydełko 18-06-2016 PL –> Download this pattern

If you download the pattern, please leave your comment under this post- let us spread the news!







spinning fever

Last months have been crazy about spinning. No activity on the blog and on the prawelewe platforms has the only one explanation: spinning is so engaging and rewarding, and enjoyable that I see no point in wasting time for turning on my computer, not to mention about editing photos or writing about my endeavours. On the other hand, every time I see my last post about Easter, I think that it is really the time to fulfill my promise that I gave long time ago in my prawelewe group to write about my tools and fibre preparation. There are some materials for those articles already in my drawer but the texts and photos are still to be organised before I publish my surprise series, so please bare with me. I want to spread some good vibes, though, so let me share about my latest activities.

Today I am going to show you some new hanks, which I am planning to use for a set of three shawls, each in two colours. They will have one thing in common- a ring. No more details for now. Does this sound mysterious enough? Hope so!

The first shawl is going to be based on light grey and powder pink, and here are the singles I spun in Z from Australian merino commercial top:

Diamonds Grey hank

Morganit Pink hank

I plied both of the singles into S, and got ca. 250 m/ 50 grams of grey and ca. 220 m/ 50 grams of pink. There will be two or three hanks more of each colour before I begin knitting. The draft design is already ready and I have estimated the amount of materials needed but in case I need additional yarn, it will be possible and easy for me to spin more for myself. And I so love this feeling of no need to worry about metrage.

Diamonds Grey hank

By the way, the grey in the picture above is stretched on my hand-made yarn swift, which I will write more about in a separate post about my art studio tools. And the pink below is a lovely long and thin hank that I can create straight from the swift. (I also use niddy noddy but since the circumference of the hank stretched around it is smaller than the one made on the swift, I use it only for smaller amounts of fibre.)

Morganit Pink hank

Using this special occasion (this is the first post related fully to my hand-spun yarn with use of my lovely Polish Polonaise spinning wheel from Kromski family), I want to share the joy of having my very own, special, amazing and meaningful prawelewe stamp! It is a gift from my dearest friend- Irishmagda, who ordered it from Ireland and sent to me as a gift.

I am using the stamp now to prepare cute yarn tags for my hand-spun hanks. This is how the tags look like when attached to ready hanks:

Diamonds Grey hank Morganit Pink hank

Aren’t the hanks and their tags lovely? The shawl I am going to make of this yarn will be so beautiful. It has to!

The stamp will show up here and there many times more on this page for sure. I have already planned using it with my MAK markers.Oh, did I say that some new MAK sets are on their way?

~ Cathliin.


Easter 2016

Warm Easter greetings to you, dear visitors, who support my fibre-related activities and encourage me to keep working on new designs and projects. Thank you.

~ Cathliin

prawelewe Easter card 2016

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