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The whole idea for today’s post might seem odd to some of you.

In the world of spinners it is common to link the Tour de France event with challenging ourselves in our spinning endeavours during the Tour de Fleece event. The cyclists spin and the spinner spin- you get the idea.
There is a simple thought behind that concept, which might be brought down to one sentence: We set up goals for ourselves and challenge each other in achieving those goals within a certain time frame matching the schedule of whatever event we like to follow.

When I realised that it was already August, with the Tour de France and therefore the Tour de Fleece approaching, and that my prawelewe art studio was a mess, I needed to come up with a plan.

A bit of an inside story to explain why the whole fuss.
My relatively new flat has a space dedicated to my prawelewe art studio. Although most of the renovation works is done, my art corner looks like I would have moved in just a minute ago, with tons of boxes and bags of fleece, yarn, cords, cardboard, paints, textiles, tools, etc. squeezed on several square meters with my spinning wheel and the sewing machine on top of that pile! The artistic mess is good, provided I have access to everything I need.
Since I am planning to begin a new artistic project, it is just about time to prepare my working space. Therefore, I decided to set up a private challenge for myself to finally complete the organisation of all my art materials.

This awkward reality we are living in these days seems to require equally awkward activities to be undertaken so everything matches perfectly. That is why I like the idea that came to me several days ago, to have the Tour de Pologne become the first event for my private challenge, before the Tour de France becomes my annual spinning challenge.

Tour de Pologne is organised every year in Poland, and today begins the 77th edition of our national race. The main person behind the Tour de Pologne is Mr Czesław Lang, who is one of the most famous road racing cyclists in Poland and who has been directing the Tour de Pologne for the last 27 years! (an article in the Polish Wikipedia, and in the English Wikipedia).

This year, there are many teams from around the world participating in the event (the starting list) with our best mountain rider Rafał Majka (an article in the Polish Wikipedia, and in the English Wikipedia) and the world’s leading sprinter Pascal Ackermann to name just the two.

This year’s Tour de Pologne is very special because it is the first event in this field taking place in the pandemic era. As you can surely imagine, it is an extremely demanding task to organise, plan and run such an event with all the restrictions and expectations on the list.

I am going to follow the race and challenge myself with the five small challenges to make a fresh space for my new projects:

challenge 1
Wednesday, 5th August 2020
Tour de Pologne Stage 1
prawelewe art studio -> sewing textiles, ribbons, buttons and tools are organised into boxes, described and moved to the storage

challenge 2
Thursday, 6th August 2020
Tour de Pologne Stage 2
prawelewe art studio -> yarn and fibre stash is documented (photos, notes, labels), packed and moved to the storage

challenge 3
Friday, 7th August 2020
Tour de Pologne Stage 3
prawelewe art studio -> flowers are re-planted and the balcony is prepared for the fleece carding (wool picking is planned to take place on our terrace!)

challenge 4
Saturday, 8th August 2020
Tour de Pologne Stage 4
prawelewe art studio -> design descriptions, workshops notes and studio documents are organised, described and put into document folders

challenge 5
Sunday, 9th August 2020
Tour de Pologne Stage 5
prawelewe art studio -> art papers, materials and tools are organised in containers and moved to the storage

For those interested in the Tour de Pologne topic see more on the event main website.

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