A joyful come back

It has been more than seven years since I last posted a video on my YouTube channel.

When I began my everything about the fibre project nine years ago, I was focused on Polish (non-English) speakers who were interested in knitting and crocheting, and who were searching for informative, i.e. useful, resources in those two fields. I could not find anything in Polish then, and I had already been involved in running artistic workshops for children and youths, so I thought I would make some content myself and share as part of my artistic diary.

I gave my project a temporary name: prawelewe, which was a made-up word based on two Polish knitting terms: prawe=knits and lewe=purls. As it often happens, the temporary name sticked for much longer that expected, and I still call my corner a prawelewe art studio, although it is no longer only about knitting and crocheting. (If you are a non-Polish speaker, and want to have some fun, check my about page to learn how to pronounce prawelewe properly.)

That period brought an amazing development for me: I learnt various ways of communication with my readers and students, I looked into then-new-to-me tools, and finally, I began designing garments and accessories, marketing those and providing professional customer support to all my fans. All that was a very hard work, which on one hand was extremely time and energy consuming but on the other hand- fantastically awarding. I enjoyed that period, and I knew that there would be even more fruits to collect from it later in the future.

The time went by, the every-day life took over, and after three years I realised that I did not like any more the way my project evolved. I wanted to refresh it, make it more vibrant, and–what was the most important–I wanted to open up to English-speaking audience. At that time, however, it was not clear for me which path to go. On top of that, I discovered that I felt better creating than sharing about what I create, so for the next years to come, I let myself dive into artistic activities in my art studio, and wait until the right time for changes comes.

Now, after good couple of years of developing my skills in the world of fibre, I can see how my audience has changed, how the technology around has improved, and how I grew into a new person. There could not be a better time for a refreshment of my website, my social media profiles, my designs and materials I share on line.

I have a lot of ideas about what I want to create, write and visualize. The 24-hour day is definitely too short for me, and I would love to have that time frame streched so I could squeeze in everything I need and wish to do, but we all know how it is: take it or leave it… so I take what I have been given and work with that.

Recently, I am re-discovering my passions from the past. Perhaps, it has to do with this strange times we are all living in now or maybe I simply miss the creation process of macramé making, graphic design, sewing or weaving, all of which I used to dive into with joy years back.

Regardless of the reasons, I am happy that I have finally passed through the wall that seemed to block me for way too long. I feel it is finally the right time to unpack all my sketches and notes, and get back on my track with broad refreshment of my artistic diary.

Having stated that, I am happy to announce that I have finally made myself sit and create my new video (using some materials I recorded ages ago) and here it is:

The materials used in that video were recorded when I still thought I would want to keep my channel in Polish only. I believe it could be worth staying with Polish for basic instructables for all my folks who do not feel comfortable with learning in English. Apart from that, I still have some raw materials recorded in Polish, and I would love to share those anyway, so it is possible that the next couple of videos will be still in Polish.

However, I might go with English for all my new videos about tips, instructions, news, etc. There is some space for a mixed model, though, which I have been thinking about, e.g., record in both languages or use subtitles for one of the two languages. I will figure it out for sure!

Meanwhile, enjoy watching my new video and if you desire so, welcome to share your feedback on my YouTube channel, in comments section below this post or via e-mail.

I simply cannot wait until I get to work on yet another video. Before that, however, I am going to post the first article of my new series so stay tuned!

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