Welcome to the prawelewe art studio- my world of fibre!

This website is for knitters, crocheters, tatters and spinners to find useful information about favourite craft, and for me to share with you my designs, products, event updates and gossips from the studio.

As a designer I am inspired by colours and structures observed in nature, and also by architecture and traditions of places I live in. Often I save my impressions and pattern ideas in a form of hand sketches and abstract photography.

The process of turning fleece into a finished product amazes me every time I follow all the steps from shredding and fleece preparation, though combing, carding and blending, to natural dying and spinning yarn.

In 2013 I created my first collection of MAK jewellery for knitters and crocheters. Those are hand-made stitch markers, stitch and row counters and other small useful and beautiful gadgets.

For couple of years now, I have been engaged in running workshops for those who want to improve their knitting, crocheting and tatting skills.

Cathliin Designs is my Ravelry patterns store and I also run Seven Rainbows Gallery (links to all platforms on the right) for patterns, MAKs, fibre and yarns, wooden tools and hand-made products that are offered to customers worldwide.

Enjoy your stay here and welcome back any time.
~ Cathliin


Feel free to contact me with your questions, comments, feedback or just to say hello.

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pattern support: e-mail is provided in my patterns
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Have ever wondered about the prawelewe word?
It is a made-up word based on two Polish knitting terms: prawe=knits and lewe=purls, and the pronunciation is the following:

PRA sounds like the beginning of PRActical
WE sounds like the beginning of VEry
LE is like the beginning of LEasure
WE is like the beginning of VErity
together it goes: PRActicalVEryLEasureVErity

It was easy, right? Now, you know one (more) Polish word. Welcome to the team!

prawelewe logotype 2014

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