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Every published pattern of mine has a list of explained abbreviations and links to video lessons explaining basic techniques. The videos are available on under tutorials → video tutorials as well as on the prawelewe YouTube channel. These lessons are public, with comment sections enabled for asking questions and leaving feedback. Although, the spoken instructions are provided in Polish, communication in English is welcome and possible.

All my patterns are enriched with tips on used techniques, size adjustment and shape changes, if applicable. Mostly, I provide English written instructions; if there is another language version available, there is a note about it in the product description. Apart from the text, there are photo tutorials and charts in my pattern files, depending on the design type. Some of the tutorials are public and available on under tutorials → photo tutorials and some other are provided only in the file offered for purchase.

premium videos
There is a private section of video instructions available for every person who purchases certain pattern of mine. The series is called Stitching with Cathliin and provides short videos presenting specific techniques used in my designs such us a pattern motif, grafting method, assembling pieces, etc. It is specified in the pattern if any video from this series is available.

All my customers are warmly welcome to contact me with questions about my patterns. Feel free to send me an e-mail or post in the prawelewe group choosing the thread dedicated to the particular pattern of your interest (the list of these threads is prepared for your convenience here) or send me a private message via Ravelry.

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pattern page and blog post
My published patterns are presented on under → patterns and every one of them is described in the dedicated blog post, where you can see more photos and read additional information about the particular design. Usually I differentiate photos and extra information between the pattern page and the blog post so both entries are intreresting and informative. If you are looking for the most specific information about needed materials and tools, finished dimensions and required techniques, please refer to the pattern page.

projects made by my customers
Every pattern of mine is published also in Cathliin Designs on Ravelry and in CathliinDesigns on LoveCrafts, where customers who worked on their own projects based on my patterns can post photos of their finished garments or accessories and add notes on possible adjustments. Those are good places to search for an inspiration and find out what others came up with when working with my patterns.

prawelewe group
There is a prawelewe group on Ravelry, where all my patterns are given space for discussion, asking questions and receiving answers, photo sharing and leaving feedback. Feel free to join the group, gain from the resources we all share there and participate in the events I organise for the group members.

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This section, apart from listing corrections of errors, provides information about the currently available version of my patterns. Please refer to the date in your file’s name when browsing through the below list- the date provided in a version line is the update release day.

If there is no correction listed below but the version is newer than what you have in your file, it means that the file got updated only in the area of layout, graphics or minor spelling or syntax mistakes. If you have a Ravelry  account and my pattern/-s stored in your library, please upload the newest version from the updates section on your profile. The same goes for LoveCrafts- the updated file is there for you to upload.

Erraata to my published patterns:

Arctic Land
current version: 28 February 2016
page 11
RD J should read:
[k13, *PM, k11, PM, k13*(2), SM, k9, SM](4)

page 17
RD 11,  13, 15, 17 and 19 should read:
*ssk, yo*(3), ssk (ssk instead of k2tg in the wave part)

notes and links have been updated

version: 17 January 2016
page 8
R 146 [WS] should read:
yo, k3tg, knit to the end of the row

notes have been updated

Arctic Air
current version: 28 February 2016
page 8
R130 should read:
yo, p3tg, purl to the end of the row
R 144 and R 146 should read:
yo, k3tg, p3tg, purl to the end of the row

page 11
R A should read:
p&k 1, PMbeg, *p&k 57, PM, M1, p&k 1, PM*(3), p&k 57, PM, k2, SM

page 12
RD 1, RD 3 and RD 40 should read:
p1, *k13, p1, SM*(4)
RD 2 should read:
p1 [k4tg, *yo, k1*(5), yo, k4tgtbl, p1, SM](4)
RD 41 should read:
*k1, yo, k2tg*(19), SM
RD 42 should read:


page 14
RD 36 should read:
k4tg, *yo, k1*(6), k3tgtbl, p1, k3tg, *k1, yo*(2), k1, k3, *yo, k1*(2), k3tgtbl, p1, k3tg, *k1, yo*(6), k4tgtbl;

CHART B in R 41 and CHART C in R 1 have been updated to match the respective written instructions

notes and links have been updated

Arctic Water
current version: 28 February 2016

page 11
RD A should read:
p&k 3, PMbeg, [M1, p&k 51, M1, p&k 1, PM, *M1, p&k 1*(6) PM](3)
M1, p&k 51, M1, p&k1, PM, *M1, p&k 1*(2), M1, k1, *M1, k1*(3), k1, SM;

page 13
RD 41 should read:
k2tg(3), k1, *yo, k1*(5), yo, k2tg(6), k1, *yo, k1*(6), k2tg(6), k2, *yo, k1*(5), yo, k2tg(3);

notes and links have been updated

version: 17 January 2016
page 11
RD A should read:
p&k 3, PMbeg, [M1, p&k 51, M1, p&k 1, PM, *M1, p&k 1*(6) PM](3)
M1, p&k 51, M1, p&k1, PM, *M1, p&k 1*(3), k1, *k1, M1*(2), k1, SM;

notes have been updated

OutsideIn Hat
current version: 30 March 2015

Your Heart My Heart
current version: 11 February 2015

InsideOut Hat
current version: 30 March 2015

Seven Rainbows
current version: 25 January 2015

Aster Cowl
current version: 4 November 2014

Old Shale Shetland Hap
current version: 20 June 2015
page 10
number of stitches after row 4 should read [10]

new links have been added

version: 28 September 2014
page 6
RD 13 should read:
k2tg (3), (yo, k1)(5), k1, k2tg (2), k1, (yo, k1)(5), k2tg (3)

rounds 35 – 37 have been updated and rounds 38 – 41 added

several new links have been added

Kindness Heart
current version: 21 November 2014

Shar-Pei Socks
current version: 6 January 2014

Sky-Mood Scarf
current version: 6 January 2014

Kasia and Witek Sock have been merged
current version: 10 May 2012
updates coming soon

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