Aster Cowl

Aster Cowl by Cathliin

Today is the third year since the prawelewe project was born, which makes it a perfect occasion for celebration. I have planned some lovely time with my friends, our WIPs, delicious cake, semi-sweet white wine and some good music. Usually I prepare something special for my guests at the party, and also this year I want to offer something nice to my on-line supporters, good-energy givers, fans of my prawelewe art studio and visitors of this blog.

The Aster Cowl was on my mind for a wile. I wrote about it in the chestnut creatures post, attaching this design to the autumn aura mood.  And so here it is, the pattern is ready for you to enjoy →Aster Cowl.

It is a very simple knit. It calls for provisional cast on and invisible bind off based on life stitches held on two needles (if you are scared of this sentence already, do not be- everything is explained in the pattern but also there is a way to avoid these scary steps- use regular cast on and bind off, and you are all fine). If you know how to cast on, bind off, knit, purl, yarn over and purl two together, you are set to go with this cowl pattern.

I called this accessory an Aster Cowl because, like aster flowers, it is easy to deal with- quick to make, comfortable to wear and versatile enough so you will be able to use it as often as you wish. The dark pinkish colour of the yarn and medium-size glass beads hidden in between the stitches undoubtedly add to the girlishness of the cowl. Surely everyone who wears it feels special and beautiful! That is my goal- to make you feel special on my birthday party.

Aster Cowl by Cathliin

This pattern belongs to the no-need-to-look-at-while-knitting group of patterns, what makes it perfect to work on when traveling, during KIPs or when you have couple of free minutes on hand, just enough to make four rows of one pattern repetition. Those of you who are newbies in knitting will find this pattern both simple to work on and rewarding in the way it looks like when finished. Those who knit a lot, on the other hand, know that sometimes we need a simple project to keep our hands busy but yet not so engaging so we could rest in between working on complex patterns. The →Aster Cowl is here for everybody.

This squishy accessory suits every occasion because of the way it could be worn. In general it is good to use in a period from early autumn to late spring, when there is not so much heat but also the temperature is not too low. With the soft cord, it is possible to either tighten the top part so the cowl covers your neck and keeps it quite warm or to loosen the cowl and let it rest on your arms, freely hanging down on your back and chest.

Also it is very easy to make the cowl smaller or larger, depending on your ideas of wearing it, so not only the stitch pattern is adjustable, so is the size.

I believe some of the accessories are made for one style and purpose only, and we like them for that part, while some other are versatile by nature, which we also need in our wardrobe. The Aster Cowl is a unique accessory designed and made to match both elegant and casual style.Aster Cowl by Cathliin

Do you want to try creating one for yourself and yet another one for somebody close to you? Welcome to try it. The pattern is now available in the patterns section → Aster Cowl. Enjoy your knitting and welcome to join my prawelewe group to share photos of your finished cowl and chat with other group members.

Happy stitching!
~ Cathliin


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