Polish Kindness Day again

And here it is- the Kindness Day in Poland. It is nothing special, I know. I am even not sure if there are those fun events related to the Kindness Day still organized in my home town- Wrocław these days. I remember exhibitions, concerts, various art events, and a lot of people having good time […]

leap-day sneak peek

Winter is back! As a wooly person I am very happy with that. The last week was just about a pure spring, and I was almost ready to pack my winter boots and jackets up there in my closet. While this is what I saw today in the morning: For several weeks now I have […]

Arctic Land Hap

Once I was done experimenting with the Old Shale and Feather and Fan traditional Shetland border patterns (incorporated e.g. in the Old Shale Shetland Hap, Arctic Water and Arctic Air) as well as with edgings so typical for lace designs from Shetland and Estonia, I wanted to challenge myself with combining basic simple stitches into […]

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