InsideOut Hat

Have you noticed that women and men put on their hats in a different way? Of course men do care about their look no less than women, but are ‘oh that’s cool’ when there is no need to spend too much time on unnecessary arrangements- any hat design simply needs to work fine. Period. InsideOut […]

Teal-Snow Shrug

Finally ready! This was a long journey! Blankets, shawls, haps- they are all fine but I have always wanted to have a shrug. Squishy, just about the right size, something to put on my shoulders when at home in the evening. Like this:                          But it took me a long time […]

Seven Rainbows Cowl

Here is my long awaited Seven Rainbows Cowl made of hand-spun merino yarn in seven colours. I wrote about the fibre chosen for this project in my test spin of merino roving post and about the adventure with spinning in the Seven Rainbows merino yarn post. Working on this from-fibre-to-garment project was an amazing experience […]

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