Arctic Land Hap

Once I was done experimenting with the Old Shale and Feather and Fan traditional Shetland border patterns (incorporated e.g. in the Old Shale Shetland Hap, Arctic Water and Arctic Air) as well as with edgings so typical for lace designs from Shetland and Estonia, I wanted to challenge myself with combining basic simple stitches into […]

Shetland haps

Recently I got fascinated by Shetland hap history, construction types, specific elements of patterns and enormous variety of stitch sequences flowing beautifully together and creating amazing wavy lines. I have knitted several lace-yarn shawls but those Shetland haps made for everyday use are simply amazing- casual and yet with intriguing eyelet elements, warm, cosy wraps […]

Seven Rainbows merino yarn

Every day has a colour in my soon-to-be-made Seven Rainbows hank. Such an interesting experiment it is! The fibre colour choice is presented here, and yes, I did connect the colours as I moved from spinning, or actually plying, one piece to another. There was some work with the joins to be done, as you […]

test spin of merino roving

Two days ago a bag of merino roving in various colours arrived to my studio, and yesterday I planned a test spin. After choosing nice colour sets and sequence of shades in each set, I decided on a new super bulky cowl design and this yarn being used for it. Initially I wanted a random […]

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