Chestnut creatures? It’s autumn!

Autumn. This magic time of a year is about endless colour inspirations flowing around, going for a walk to the woods, lovely breath of fresh air on chilly days, lighting candles all around the house from early evening hours, sitting on a terrace and listening to raindrops fall, baking plum cakes and enjoying hot wine with your loved ones…and this lovely tradition of chestnut creatures creation! Here is the first one made in the prawelewe art studio this season!
Have you made yours yet?
Chestnut creatures and Aster Cowl

As a short break from work on my second hap, I jumped into a quick gift for one pretty lady. The plan is to make a scarf or a cowl that would be versatile- elegant or casual depending on the need. I blogged about the adventures of designing this piece in Aster Cowl post. I am sure there will be at least several occasions to wear this cowl still this autumn. I love the yarn colours and the beads choice. Oh, did I mention that the cowl is with beads and tassels?

Would you care for making one cowl for yourself and yet another one for somebody close? The pattern is now available from → the Aster Cowl pattern page.

Happy autumn and happy stitching!
~ Cathliin


One thought on “Chestnut creatures? It’s autumn!

  1. oh this lovely tradition of chestnut little creatures!!!!!! Autumn is definitely here, time for my trip to the woods. Thank you for reminding me of it(-:

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