Christmas 2015 wishes

Christmas-Card-2016And here we are, Christmas time is in full bloom and, at least in this part of the world where I come from- Poland, this period has a very special meaning. Different families celebrate it slightly different, some with more focus on food, drinks and gifts, some other appreciate spending this important time together with family members and friends in an atmosphere of love, prayer, joy and the new beginning approaching. It would be lovely to have snow and winter weather outside–it is +10 C (50 F) in Wrocław now!–but what creates Christmas for us is our spirit and faith; that is why all of us are in the festive mood regardless of the climate.

Of course we all care about the traditional Polish meals to be served during Christmas Eve’s supper and throughout the next two days of Christmas- barszcz, pierogi, home-baked bread, fish, salads as well as bigos and kiełbasa are all there, twelve dishes, including traditional Polish cheese cake and poppy-seed cake.

Christmas time is often associated with Christmas tree, although it is not originally Polish tradition; since it has been in Poland for so long, however, a lot of us treat it already as our thing. In my family, we always have a green tree, which we decorate with a lot of hand made and gifted baubles, toys, tinsels and lights. And while speaking of the Christmas tree, there is a place to say something about the gifts. We always have something for each other, and unlike in other countries, we give the presents to our close ones after the supper on the Christmas Eve, before the midnight mass.

One of my favourite moments of the evening is sharing my hand-made, as you may imagine, knitted, crocheted and/ or tatted, gifts that I have wrapped myself in colourful papers and sparkling ribbons. All the packages look amazing when under the Christmas tree! And we adore the joy of unpacking them, while listening and singing to Christmas carols. The smiles and happy faces of those whom I made something for are the best thank you for me.

I hope you all have blessed moments during this period of time. Spend it with your love ones, find some time for your stitching and rest well. See you back in 2016.

~ Cathliin

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