Christmas time

Christmas card 2018

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all of you who visit my prawelewe corner.
Radosnych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i szczęśliwego nowego roku wszystkim, którzy odwiedzają mój zakątek prawelewe.

It is a very special time for me- mainly because of the Christmas celebration, which this year takes place in my new home with my relatives coming over to relax, enjoy their time and be happy guests.

As a host I got to prepare Christmas meals, which gave me a lot of joy and satisfaction, and it has been lovely family time. This period is special also because of many first timers in my life. The tall Christmas tree you can see in the photograph has been my dream for a long time…and it is finally here. I enjoyed buying and making new decorations- what a thrill! I got back to my long abandoned WIPs (and, can you believe it, I finished some of them just in time for Christmas), many non-fibre projects from my long ‘to do’ list have been finalized and almost everything is now ready in my new apartment (which was not that obvious when I look several days back). A lot of important decisions have been made, too. It has been quite a challenge to go though those last nearly 360 days but all those small and big sucesses sound like a very good year after all.

And from less serious topics, I tried to cook and bake several meals I had always wanted to try but never got around that. One of them were the Christmas cookies with a whole inside (you know, those that look like a flower). This year I was gifted new cookie cutters especially for such cookies and off I went! Some left overs were cut out in a small heart shapes and I had fun watching them dissapear.


Spending so much time with my close ones, discussing over difficult topics and silly topics, laughing and crying, working and relaxing has been an amazing experience. I finally found time for going through my moving boxes, photos, books, for decorating my appartment, listen to old records, organizing my projets notes. All those created space for new thoughts and plans, and I feel blessed realizing that the new is coming.

I hope everyone of you, people who visit this website from time to time and read what I share here, gets a chance to find at least a tiny reason for smile in your eye and happiness in your hearts this Christmas. Let your faith and hope carry you to the new year.

And for a goodbye, yet another silly picture I found while cleaning up one of so many folders in my archives:


With warm greetings,

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  1. And a very Merry Christmas to you too Cathliin (: I love your tree!!!! It is absolutely beautiful!!! And those disappearing biscuits….it wasn’t me….but maybe it was…virtually (:

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