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The time has come to make my first three-dimensional, medium-size toy. What a great fun! I crocheted small toys in the past but did not really enjoy it then. Maybe this time is different because the toy is much bigger, who knows.

Another first-timer here is my CAL entry. I have never tried Crochet ALongs before (only Knit ALongs), and having this crocheted buddy experience I now think CALs are another type of adventure. Crocheting for me is more of freelancing than following strict instructions, and with medium size hooks it is very little time consuming. Well, maybe except crocheting gigantic afghan.

Anyways, say hello to this blue-white buddy, a very strange but cute creature based on different instructions by Stacey Trock. This pattern incorporates my favourite parts from several monsters and uses them all in one buddy monster. (The tiny guy with the blue-white buddy is a knitted bunny I made a long time ago in a number of seven for all my loved ones.)


Usually I plan what I want to make, draw, sketch, imagine…but coming up with own ideas as you go brings a lot of fresh air to the process of creating. When I decided to make the eyes big and spherical, the idea of eyelashes somehow flew into my mind and I just had to make them!

Another thing is that many people use professional toy eyes these days. I know, they are perfect, but what about the old good buttons? And if I want to change the way the eyes look it is easy to change the buttons’ position from the outside.blue-white buddy

Finally the ears- having two identical would make the buddy a boring monster- with two different ears the monster is not scary anymore; it is our home buddy that is why it always smiles.

blue-white buddy

While there are many additional tools that I use when knitting, there is not that much to take advantage of when crocheting. Actually there is only one type of accessories, apart from hooks and darning needles of course, that always accompany me when I crochet, and these are lock-type stitch markers.

blue-white buddy

The home buddy is very special so I needed to use equally special and cheerful markers when working on my blue-white friend. This 3-in-1 set called spotted fruit is hand-made of glass beads and consists of one lock stitch marker for crocheters and a bookmark/bracelet that I use for marking page with all the important buddy notes in my colourful notebook.

This MAK set as well as other designs are available in the Seven Rainbows gallery. Welcome to browse through and find something cute for yourself to work with in your next crochet project!

blue-white buddy

Off I go to submit my CAL entry and say virtual thank you to Stacey for her brilliant patterns.

Have a lovely week!

~ Cathliin


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