InsideOut Hat

InsideOut Hat by Cathliin

Have you noticed that women and men put on their hats in a different way? Of course men do care about their look no less than women, but are ‘oh that’s cool’ when there is no need to spend too much time on unnecessary arrangements- any hat design simply needs to work fine. Period.

InsideOut Hat is this type of accessory: fully reversible, seamless, with no front or back, no right or wrong side and the hat’s crown in designed in such a way that, it is very easy to put this hat on with one hand only! Perfect for real men.

There are a lot of patterns with stripes out there, and quite a few instructions on how to work the stripes without jogs but I wanted to go further and look for a technique that allows jogless purl rounds, which would form jogless rounds on the wrong side of the work as well. The InsideOut Hat has smooth transition from one round to the next, which makes the purl rings equally distanced from each other.

The crown’s shape stays the same, regardless of the way the hat is put on- more in a slouchy way or stretched on the head. It makes this hat look similar on different head shapes and, till some extend, sizes, too. And the shape trick works on both right and wrong side! Also the neat finishing of the very top of the hat’s crown adds to the beauty of this design.

One of my favourite techniques to use when designing pieces that begin with ribbing is a tubular cast on, and it shows in this design as well. In addition I work on magic loop most of the time, so usually I use a mixture of one-needle tubular cast on and knitting on magic loop. For those of you who prefer to work regular cast on, feel free to do so; it should not have that much impact on this hat. Try to make your cast on edge as neat as possible on both sides of your knitting, though, so your hat is still considered reversible.

But let us go back to the sample hat; look how amazing results we can get by using the magic loop tubular cast on! Here is the bottom edge of my ribbing in the InsideOut Hat:

InsideOut Hat by Cathliin

As mentioned above, the InsideOut Hat is fully reversible- stitch pattern on both right and wrong side is attractive. This hat is knitted in the round so there are no seams (yes!),  and detailed instructions provided in the PDF guide you through each round to avoid jogs at the beginning of each round.

InsideOut Hat by Cathliin  InsideOut Hat by Cathliin

There is one more excellent feature to this design- it takes only three hours for an intermediate knitter to complete this hat. And if you are in need for making a perfect gift for your husband, son, brother, boyfriend or colleague- the → InsideOut Hat is available for you. Have fun working with the instructions!

And if you like this hat, make sure to try a matching design that I came up with especially for women who like change. It is available from the patterns section → OutsideIn Hat.

Enjoy your knitting and welcome to join my prawelewe group to share photos of your finished cowl and chat with other group members.

Happy stitching!
~ Cathliin


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