Kindness Day for the fifth time

Today, 21st November, we celebrate Kindness Day in Poland, and it is the fifth time that I use this occasion to share my → Kindness Heart pattern.

Over the years, there have been many more Kindness Hearts made by people who liked the idea of making something cute and then sharing this with others. The two I like best are from moochka (bottom right) and irishmagdsa (bottom left).
















It is a very easy pattern and you need to use your imagination to come up with ways of using these instructions to make something unique.

You can grab your copy of the pattern from the patterns section → Kindness Heart. You need to use KindnessHeartCathliin code at the check out. It is going to be free until the end of 22nd November. Enjoy!
Also, welcome to join my prawelewe group to share photos of your finished hearts.

Happy stitching!
~ Cathliin


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