Autumn Doll- knitted dolls in Seven Rainbows II

For the last couple of weeks we have been experiencing an amazing autumn in Wrocław, Poland. It would be a sin to not honor it in a proper way, so three weeks ago I wrote about our tradition with chestnut creatures making, then last week I published the prawelewe studio’s third birthday pattern for my Aster Cowl, and today is the time for my favourite (so far) doll designed by Irishmagda- the AUTUMN DOLL. The yarn colours this knitted lady is made of make me smile and want to go out to enjoy long walk in one of many parks in Wrocław. I love how adventurous she looks with her tiny bag, comfy clothing and those cute accessories- a hat and a scarf!

In part one of my blog post series about the knitted dolls I wrote about the joy while making and giving toys to children but don’t we, adults, want to become children again from time to time? I have been thinking of making this particular doll myself, and hopefully the right moment comes very soon.

Would you like to try making this as well? Here is more…


Although this doll does not belong to any collection, she simply stands on her own, one could say it is also a Nature Doll in some way. The Autumn Doll is all about the green, gold, red, yellow and brown colours of the leaves, chilly but also sunny weather, long and relaxing walks and those breath-taking views we get to feed our eyes with in our favourite places (hopefully every each of you has at least one such place somewhere near).

And you know what? Irishmagda mentioned she would think of designing dolls for each season, so let us keep our fingers crossed for all the new cuties to come. Here is the lady:



Note: the clothing and accessories are separate from the doll.
This pattern is provided in English; apart from written instructions, there are step-by-step photo tutorials and tips included in the PDF file. You are welcome to purchase the pattern via Ravelry or using the BUY NOW button below (no need for the account there- you can pay using PayPal or your credit card).

3,75 €

More about the Autumn Doll is to be found here.

If you wish to ask questions related to the instructions or give feedback, or simply share your joy of making any of the Irishmagda’s dolls, you are welcome to join the prawelewe group on Ravelry and leave your questions and comments in the dedicated thread. Welcome to say HI as well 🙂

Those of you who knit any of the dolls presented in the Seven Rainbows gallery, you are all welcome to share photos of your finished work by linking your projects to the relevant pattern pages on Ravelry. Irishmagda and I would love to see photos of your projects and read your feedback on the patterns so please do share!

(I am planning to add couple of photos soon myself too! Will you join?)

Happy stitching,

~ Cathliin


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