Forest Friends- knitted dolls in Seven Rainbows I

Would you agree that knitting or crocheting toys for our little ones is wonderful on many levels? For one we discover a little child hidden in us, we enjoy creating all the parts of the toy and get to feel proud after finishing the project. Another thing is the challenge- the more complicated the pattern, the more satisfied we are once it is done. But the most important and valuable part in this process is hidden behind the giving and receiving phenomenon. You may have experience creating gifts for your adult family members or friends but making toys for children brings something new to our lives. The joy in the kids’ eyes is amazing to observe and the love children give us back as their thank you quickly becomes the main goal in the toy making process.

If you are looking for really very well written patterns for knitted dolls, take a look at what is published in my Seven Rainbows gallery- there are NATURE DOLLS designed by a lovely lady- Irishmagda, the preschool teacher with Polish background, whose inspiration in creating these dolls was the Polish and Irish nature.

Today’s post is about three FOREST FRIENDS dolls: MYSTICAL FERN, WILD BERRY and AMANITA. And here is what Irishmagda says about her dolls:

‘Forest Friends remind me of all those trips to the forest, which I have always loved as a child, and which I still adore.. Oh, all those ferns, blue mouths from all the picking of wild blueberries, blackberries, raspberries…’

So let us see what is waiting for us among the Forest Friends!


The first in this family of dolls is Mystical Fern.

‘The idea for it was born from my love for trips to the forest; walking through the wilderness, having ferns tall up to my knees. And as my garden ferns were just waking up from their winter sleep, I though of making a doll that could join them- my Mystical Fern.’
~ Irishmagda

Nature Dolls_Forest Friends_Mystical Fern by Irishmagda. See for more details.

Note: the dress is a separate garment so you knit the doll first and then make the dress.
This pattern is provided in English; apart from written instructions, there are step-by-step photo tutorials and tips included in the PDF file. You are welcome to purchase the pattern via Ravelry or using the BUY NOW button below (no need for the account there- you can pay using PayPal or your credit card).



More about the Mystical Fern doll is to be found here.



The second doll to join the Mystical Fern is the Wild Berry.

‘Initially the name of this doll was Pòg, which means ‘kiss’ in Irish, and the idea behind it was the kiss of the sweet forest fruit. Well, the doll is indeed a wild Irish girl with the wind in her hair…but doesn’t she look like one juice-full berry? Wild berry of course!’
~ Irishmagda

Nature Dolls_Forest Friends_Wild Berry by Irishmagda. See for more details.

Note: the skirt only looks more complicated than in other patterns but it is very simple to make!
This pattern is in English, and has useful photo-tutorials and tips included. You are welcome to use the BUY NOW button below to purchase the instructions for yourself or somebody else as a gift (you can pay using PayPal or your credit card).

3,75 €


More about the Wild Berry doll is to be found here.



The third lady in the Forest Friends dolls family is Amanita.

‘The cheerful, long-haired girl wearing a cute dress is that adventurous young lady who likes to go to the woods and pick up some mushrooms. Let us go with her!’
~ Irishmagda

Nature Dolls_Forest Friends_Amanita by Irishmagda. See for more details.

NOTE: all the dresses in the Nature Dolls collection are separate from the dolls so if you make several dolls based on the Irishmagda patterns then you will be able to switch clothes between the dolls.
The written instructions are in English, and they are enriched by tips and photo-tuts.



More about Amanita doll is to be found here.


These are the three dolls visiting my blog today. There will be at least three more entries about the Irishmagda’s dolls so welcome back some time soon.

If you wish to ask questions related to the instructions or give feedback, or simply share your joy of making these dolls, you are welcome to join the prawelewe group on Ravelry and leave your questions and comments in the dedicated thread. Welcome to say HI as well 🙂

Those of you who knit one (or all) of the dolls presented in this post,  as well as all the people who have purchased the patterns so far, you are all welcome to share photos of your finished work by linking your projects to the relevant pattern pages on Ravelry. If you do not have an account on Ravelry, please contact the prawelewe studio and I will be happy to present your photos for you with the credits given to the author.

Irishmagda and I would love to see photos of your projects and read your feedback on the patterns so please do share!

Happy stitching,

~ Cathliin


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