new MAK summer 2014 collection

And here it is! The new original summer 2014 collection of MAK jewellery is out! They are all presented on my website under MAK jewellery tab.

Those of you who knew about the first MAK collection published in winter 2013/2014, surely remember that the first MAK products were cute pairs of funny stitch markers, of which most traveled to their new knitter mammas in the U.S., UK, Ireland and Finland.

MAK jewellery for knitters and crocheters. Summer 2014 collection_teaser. See more at www.prawelewe.plThe next collection for summer 2014 is rolling in with products that will catch attention of every knitter and crocheter. You will find sets of MAK stitch markers with either similar beads in a set or with one marker standing out for the convenience of marking beginning of the round or middle point of the row in your knitting. Each set, however; has one common element, i.e. a silver-plated loop-shape stitch holder. From now on you will never loose your markers, and they will always be there for you at your fingertips.

The very new product in the summer 2014 collection is the MAK 3 in 1 set. It is originally designed and hand-made by me, Cathliin, and has three functions to it: a bracelet, a bookmark and an open stitch marker to be used by both knitters and crocheters. The very good quality materials used in these MAK products will keep your 3 in 1 sets in a great shape for multiple marking and unmarking, and all the cute, colourful and joy-bringing beads will beautifully decorate every wrist.

Silver-plated elements used in the collection are free of nickel.

You are welcome to look at the MAK photos in the Seven Rainbows Etsy shop. Every person is warmly invited to purchase something special out of the MAK summer 2014 collection. If you do not have an Etsy account and wish to order MAKs for you or your close ones, please contact me.


4 thoughts on “new MAK summer 2014 collection

  1. Mama Cynde, thanks so much! Oh, do you mean your MAKs have gone away somewhere? I would be happy to give you a special offer for any of my MAKs you wish to buy in the future!

    Dolls’ patterns are prepared by my friend Irishmagda especially for the prawelewe art studio. I am happy to know you like them, and I will let Irishmagda know about your comment…well she knows already, since she is an every-day guest on this website, supporting my work from Ireland.

    Thank you for your nice comment. Take care dear mammma xxx

  2. Really nice website. I just love your dolls and I’m still searching for the stitch markers I bought from you. I hope wherever they are , someone loves them. Maybe I will just have to buy more. xoxoxox All the BEST to you!

  3. irishamgda dziękuję Ci bardzo za miłe słowa. Bardzo się cieszę, że nowości z tej kolekcji przypadły Ci do gustu. Nowa kolekcja powoli nabiera kolorów. Jestem ciekawa Twoich opinii, jako fanki i użytkownika. Pozdrowienia ciepłe Ci posyłam xxx

  4. Wspaniale te nowe znaczniki! I do tego bransoletka!!!! No rewelacja. Tak latwo teraz bedzie zaznaczyc strone w magazynie ze wzorem dzieki zakladce z koralikiem.
    Super zestaw do dziergania w podrozy lub jako prezent!!! Gratulacje Cathliin(-:

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