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After a break related to implementation of the new website design, three ‘old’ sub-pages are back- the HANDBOOK and TUTORIALS tabs, which appeared in the top menu have sections with links to some cool stuff. Those of you who visit prawelewe frequently already know the currently presented content of those tabs but now they all have a brand new look to them. And definitely there are new sections to be published quite soon.

First of all the DICTIONARY with Polish and English knitting terms (crocheting and tatting will be added shortly) is finally back. Over the last year I and some of my friend crafters have been discussing several Polish terms and their abbreviations, as different sources provide various versions and I was seeking advice on which one to use in my dictionary. So bear with me, if your books, patterns or on line sources specify something different than listed in the dictionary.

The cool feature about the new version of the prawelewe dictionary is that you can:

a) sort the content in an alphabetical order using a triangular icon on the top of a column of your choice,

b) search for a term or abbreviation, or even a part of a term using the search field

c) watch my video tutorials about several basic techniques used in knitting- just look for the note in the ‘video’ column; you can also arrange the terms with videos to show up first by using the method described in point a) above
Note: in the videos available at the moment for you I speak Polish; if you have no clue of this language you are welcome to watch in silent mode, just to get an idea of each technique.

The second thing are the charts with NEEDLES AND HOOKS SIZE CONVERSIONS. The content has not changed, the layout has. Enjoy!

And the third page is all about the VIDEO TUTS ON BASICS OF KNITTING, which I made some time ago to help beginners kick off with their first projects. Some of you commented that you preferred watching the lessons on the prawelewe website rather than on the prawelewe YouTube channel; hence the decision to bring the videos back on the website as it was in the previous version of the page. Choose your favourite platform to watch the tutorials and feel free to leave a comment or question under the lessons on YT or in the comment section here.

Happy stitching everyone!
~ Cathliin

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