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This is the last winter-like design for this season. It should be spring already but this year’s March weather in Poland does not seem to want the sun to warm us up just yet. Hopefully the cold will go away shortly. I like chilly weather but after such a long winter we have had this year some gentle sunshine would be nice, and I am already into much lighter designs that have been on my mind for the last couple of weeks.

OutsideIn Hat by Cathliin

Let us go back to the main reason for today’s post- welcome my →OutsideIn Hat for women, a perfect match the the →InsideOut Hat for men, which I presented last month in this post. Such a cute couple they are!

Both hats are fully reversible, seamless, jogless and based on the same stitch pattern but they differ in shape. The men’s version has specific construction that allows putting the hat on with one hand only, while the women’s version is taller and has its very own pompom that can be removed or replaced with another pompom.

OutsideIn Hat by CathliinThis design is all about change, so not only you choose the side- right or wrong- you want to wear your hat on to get a different look, also you get to choose whether you want to wear this hat with or without pompom, and if a pompom gets your yes then you can make several different fluffy fellows and attach a different one each day.
There are so many possibilities!OutsideIn Hat by Cathliin

OutsideIn Hat by Cathliin

Similarly to the men’s version hat, this one knits in no time. It takes no longer than four hours for an intermediate knitter to complete this hat including making one pompom. It is definitely one of those accessories that make a great gift. it would be lovely if you decided to try making this. The pattern is now available in the patterns section → OutsideIn Hat. If you like it, make sure to try the matching hat for men → InsideOut Hat.

Enjoy your knitting and welcome to join my prawelewe group to share photos of your finished cowl and chat with other group members.

Happy stitching!
~ Cathliin


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