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PAL- Pompom AlongSpring is coming so is the time for some major cleaning. De-stash events such us one-skein projects making or knitting socks with all the scrap yarn of the same weight but in different colours, or creating tiny toys and decorations are a great way to get rid off of all the leftovers you have flying around. I do not suffer from the one-skein disorder, nor do I have a lot of yarn of the same thickness, and I do not feel like making tiny projects, so those events do not seem to suit my needs at the moment. I have a huge lot of various fibres that do not pair well with my current projects and I keep them in two large boxes (yes, that is correct). It is quite annoying to have so much space occupied with something that is of no use.

For some time now I have been thinking of pompoms and how to use them in my projects, and I got so fascinated by those tiny fluffy fellows that I have decided to organise a month for pompoms and use up all the yarn that I have in my ‘I don’t know what to do with it‘ boxes in my studio. If you find the event interesting and helpful in bringing some fresh air to your stash, you are very welcome to

join the prawelewe PAL – Pompom Along, a month long pompom rug making.

The event begins on 21st March and everyone is welcome to participate. It is free and aims at encouraging each other to deal with the wild leftovers once and for all. The discussion and photo sharing will be held in my prawelewe group on Ravelry so please join us there, say hi in the PAL thread and have fun along the way. There is still some time to prepare all the tools and gather the yarn we wish to work with so let me create a check list for you.

To make a prawelewe pompom rug you will need:

  • a lot of scraps of yarn (colours, length, content and structure may or even should be different for more fun)
  • pompom makers (sizes between 20 mm and 85 mm will do)
  • darning needle or crochet hook to run the pompoms’ threads through the rug mat holes
  • sharp tip scissors for cutting yarn and (optional) larger scissors for trimming your pompoms
  • non-skid rug mat in the size you want your pompom rug to be, e.g. 67 x 67 cm / 26 x 26 in

I am going to use special pompom makers but of course you are free to take advantage of whatever technique you like and tools you have on hand. As it comes to scissors, it is good to have a pair with sharp points so cutting yarn on pompom’s sides is easy. If you want your fluffy friends to be thick, trimming might be needed, so get yourself larger scissors that would be more comfortable to work with.

PAL- Pompom Along

The mat I chose for my pompom rug is a non-skid version. The point here is to avoid plastic canvas because the rug would slip on the floor instead of staying in place. My mat, pictured below, has pretty small holes because the yarn I wish to use for the pompoms is from sport to fingering weight mainly. If you have thick yarn, please make sure to get a proper size rug mat. In addition to these basic tools and materials you might want to get yourself a crochet hook or a darning needle in the proper size to make fastening pompoms to the mat easier.

This type of mats are great also for their structure- once you cut the shape you want, there is no need for securing the edges, they will not shred. If you want, you may strengthen them with textile or rug tape but it is not necessary. Pompoms will make the edges funny looking!

PAL- Pompom Along

ETA: And here is a small test on how the pompoms attached to the rug mat corner will look like. I might go for more random look so probably will not attach pompoms as I make them, which was the plan initially, instead I will make a lot of pompoms in various colours and sizes, arrange them in a way that the colour spots and bumpy surface look balanced and then fasten the fluffy fellows to the mat.

PAL- Pompom Along

See you in the prawelewe group and the PAL thread! Let’s pompom PALs.


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    • Same here- all the leftovers are getting incorporated into my fluffy fellows, even one-finger long stripes, as you named them on Rav.

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