Kindness Heart

Let’s make somebody’s day! This Hand Full of Love is made of three quick-knit Kindness Hearts, easy to finish within an hour or two. Such a cute gift is a great way to share some good energy with people around you. Every occasion is good but in case you need one to be specified, here it is: 21st November is the Kindness Day celebrated in Poland, and you are more than welcome to join us in the fun of sharing love on that day.


Kindness Heart by CathliinKindness Heart by CathliinKindness Heart by Cathliin

craft knitting (hearts) and crocheting (chains)
category decoration
pattern language English
difficulty level 1/5
size S: 100% wool, (12 wpi),
parameters: 220 m/ 100 g (240 yd./ 3.53 oz.)
size M: 100% wool, (9 wpi),
parameters: 200 m/ 100 g (220 yd./ 3.53 oz.)
size L: 100% wool, (7 wpi),
parameters: 100 m/ 100 g (110 yd./ 3.53 oz.)
amount needed size S: 8 m/ 9 yd., size M: 12 m/ 13 yd., size L: 15 m/ 16 yd.
sample info The samples for this pattern are made of wool but you are free to use any type of fibre you wish. Different sizes are achieved by proper choice of yarn, needles and a hook.
tools three needles (or two needles and a piece of scrap yarn):
size S: 2 mm/ US 0/ UK 14
size M: 3,25 mm/ US 3/ UK 10
size L: 5 mm/ US 8/ UK 5
size S: 2 mm
size M: 2,75 mm/ C/ UK 12
size L: 3,75/ F/ UK 8
notions scissors, tapestry needle, toy filling or scraps of yarn
gauge designed for any gauge
dimensions size S: 4 cm/ 1 ½ inches
size M: 7 cm/ 2 ¾ inches
size L: 9 cm/3 ½ inches
construction Each heart is made of two flat pieces sewn together. The joined pieces are stuffed with some toy filling or scraps of yarn. Finally, a crocheted loop is added for easy hanging.
instructions type The pattern includes written instructions, photographs, tips and links to video tutorials; it provides information on making three hearts, each in different size.
blog post/-s Kindness Heart; Kindness Day for the fifth time
pattern purchase 1,00 EUR

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