Polish Kindness Day again

Kindness Heart by Cathliin
Kindness Heart (pattern by Cathliin)

And here it is- the Kindness Day in Poland. It is nothing special, I know. I am even not sure if there are those fun events related to the Kindness Day still organized in my home town- Wrocław these days. I remember exhibitions, concerts, various art events, and a lot of people having good time together. It would be a pity if those times were gone.

It does not really matter that much, though because I always smile when I see that small square frame that reads 21 November on my favourite calendar designed and produced by my favourite Wrocław-based graphic artist, Andrzej Tylkowski. Every year I buy a new edition of his calendar (and other materials such as post cards or wrapping papers) and hang on my purely white wall in my apartment, and I love not only the graphics there but the memories those graphics bring to me. I smile. Always.

On a side note, isn’t it the most valuable gift for an artist, to know that his/her works make other people smile (really smile, with their eyes)? What an amazing phenomenon!

Anyways, I kept my calendars from previous years hoping I would find a purpose for them some day. And I finally did.

The story is a bit too long for this one post so I will cut it short- I am back to bookbinding. Years ago, I used to practice bookbinding when I lived in the U.S. and I somewhat forgot about that throughout the years to follow. Now it is all back. It was such an energy-giving refreshment of this technique, that I wanted the first (after the break) project to be special. My first thought was to make a notebook for my notes about …. bookbinding projects. If you saw my studio space and me in my crafts world, you would know what I am just about to write. The next step was to decide which bookbinding technique to try this time, which materials to use for the cover, should the book spine be covered or not, do I have enough linen thread, where is my thread wax, how come I do not have enough eyelets, where is my glue, what size should the signatures be? In other words, an artistic fever, which I adore with my whole self.

I dived into this project with yet one more idea- the cover has to have images from my favourite calendar. It is not a good paper because it is going to break and tear on the edges. But you know what, I do not care. I am going to use this notebook so I can smile every time I look at it. When it gets worn off, it would mean I like to use it often, which is good no matter what.

notebook for notes about bookbinding-related projects- smile-making cover

What I like about the Coptic stich binding, is that is resembles crochet stitches. With the variegated linen thread it looks even more interesting. And I like that the notebook opens flat so it is comfortable to write on both pages.

notebook for notes about bookbinding-related projects- coptic stitch

This is my small story for the good beginning of the new chapter on my blog. I hope that those of you who come here to read my posts or use the materials I share are doing fine. Welcome back again soon- I will do my best to work on updates to my website so it is more useful.

As a closing note, I would not be myself if I did not announce a promo event- my Kindness Heart pattern is free today so go ahead and download it with PolskaKD code at the checkout (valid until the end of 22nd November, Polish Time).

Once you do, please share photos of your Kindness Hearts in my prawelewe group on Ravely (via ‘share in the prawelewe group’ and in the Kindness Heart-dedicated thread. You can also post on Facebook using hashtags #CathliinKindnessHeart and #PolishKindnessDay so I could share your posts on the prawelewe FB profile.

With warm greets,


2 thoughts on “Polish Kindness Day again

  1. I love your story about book binding (: Makes me want to try it as well and use these beautiful pictures from my calendar too (:

    • It is one of the ways to prolong the existence of those lovely pictures from our favourite calendars, right?

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