Seven Rainbows Cowl

Seven Rainbows Cowl by CathliinHere is my long awaited Seven Rainbows Cowl made of hand-spun merino yarn in seven colours. I wrote about the fibre chosen for this project in my test spin of merino roving post and about the adventure with spinning in the Seven Rainbows merino yarn post. Working on this from-fibre-to-garment project was an amazing experience and I am sure I will continue with this kind of endeavours for many garments and accessories to come.

Apart from the joy and satisfaction coming from experimenting with new techniques and developing my spinning skills (especially the part related to joining colours was an interesting beginning to–perhaps–a new path to take with my spinning projects) I had an energetic time working with all those bold colours. If any of you have ever tried variegated yarns, you know how amazing experience it is for a knitter, crocheter, tatter or weaver- the colours swim through our fingers letting our eyes read all those hues, tints and tones…we gain a lot from such process. The best thing with multi-colour yarns is that we can pick any kind of plain stitch pattern just for the sake of resting from counting, checking the instructions every row or figuring out complicated stitches. We can simply enjoy the yarn not being busy that much with the pattern. In addition, if we choose to work with bulky yarn, the project finishes up in no time!

The Seven Rainbows Cowl is exactly this kind of easy and quick knit- very basic stitch pattern and amazing, squishy, super bulky yarn in lovely colours. This pattern requires only several basic knitting skills so any knitter, even if you are a beginner, will create this cowl without problems. And it only takes 170 meters (186 yards) of yarn! You will finish this cowl within one afternoon for sure.

You could use any super bulky yarn and thick needles that would give you the specified gauge. There are several construction details in the pattern but the whole fun about this cowl is hidden in its colours. So please make sure you are using some lovely, colourful, squishy super bulky yarn for this project. It’s only then that you will get the result I was hoping for when writing this pattern. It is your chance to make this cowl unique so try your own width of stripes and colour combinations.Seven Rainbows Cowl by Cathliin

To add a bit of natural touch to this design I used hand-made wooden buttons and pieces of leather to fasten the buttons in place. You could as well use plastic, glass or ceramic buttons (just make sure they are not too heavy so they do not distort your knitted fabric) and scraps of the same yarn that you used for the cowl for securing the buttons.

My idea about this cowl was to create an accessory that would cover the neck and upper part of the chest and the back. When it comes to cold weather I always want to have these parts of my body well covered to enjoy fresh winter air without worrying about getting sore throat after long walks. That is why the construction I used in the pattern supports the cowl to ‘stand’ straight when buttoned up. The bottom part of the cowl will fit under your coat and the splits, which are closer to the front, will allow comfortable wearing.

If you feel like enjoying your Seven Rainbows Cowl during other occasions (when it is not that cold or maybe even indoors) you might try different ways of wearing it, for example partially open like this:

Seven Rainbows Cowl by Cathliin

The cowl will lover up a bit and cover your shoulders, opening the stitches and presenting the palette of colours. I am sure you will come up with many more other ways of presenting your Seven Rainbows Cowl.

Welcome to try knitting this cute. The pattern is available in the patterns section → Seven Rainbows Cowl. It would be amazing to see photos of your yarn choice, so please share the joy!

Happy stitching!
~ Cathliin


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