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With our lovely new year already here, I am thinking of my supporters (those of you who purchased my patterns), and how much I enjoy to browse through your photos of WIPs and FOs based on my designs. Every time somebody posts pictures of their WIP to show progress of their work on one of my shawls or accessories, I smile and feel warm in heart- it is so intriguiing to see your ideas for yarn and colour choices. Also, when somebody decides on changes in my instructions to add something new, something that makes their hat or socks unique but still based on my design concept, I am thrilled, honored, proud and uplifted. Thank you.

With this event, my wish is to encourage all of you to share photos of your projects made based on my patterns, share your thoughts on those designs, discuss about each others’ approaches to working out those instructions…and win a pattern of your choice from my Cathliin Designs store.

There is a Ravelry post informing about all the details and a list of pages dedicated to my patters, where you are welcome to post photos and chit-chat related to the particular pattern the thread is for.

I would be happy to see you join the fun.


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