spinning fever

Last months have been crazy about spinning. No activity on the blog and on the prawelewe platforms has the only one explanation: spinning is so engaging and rewarding, and enjoyable that I see no point in wasting time for turning on my computer, not to mention about editing photos or writing about my endeavours. On the other hand, every time I see my last post about Easter, I think that it is really the time to fulfill my promise that I gave long time ago in my prawelewe group to write about my tools and fibre preparation. There are some materials for those articles already in my drawer but the texts and photos are still to be organised before I publish my surprise series, so please bare with me. I want to spread some good vibes, though, so let me share about my latest activities.

Today I am going to show you some new hanks, which I am planning to use for a set of three shawls, each in two colours. They will have one thing in common- a ring. No more details for now. Does this sound mysterious enough? Hope so!

The first shawl is going to be based on light grey and powder pink, and here are the singles I spun in Z from Australian merino commercial top:

Diamonds Grey hank

Morganit Pink hank

I plied both of the singles into S, and got ca. 250 m/ 50 grams of grey and ca. 220 m/ 50 grams of pink. There will be two or three hanks more of each colour before I begin knitting. The draft design is already ready and I have estimated the amount of materials needed but in case I need additional yarn, it will be possible and easy for me to spin more for myself. And I so love this feeling of no need to worry about metrage.

Diamonds Grey hank

By the way, the grey in the picture above is stretched on my hand-made yarn swift, which I will write more about in a separate post about my art studio tools. And the pink below is a lovely long and thin hank that I can create straight from the swift. (I also use niddy noddy but since the circumference of the hank stretched around it is smaller than the one made on the swift, I use it only for smaller amounts of fibre.)

Morganit Pink hank

Using this special occasion (this is the first post related fully to my hand-spun yarn with use of my lovely Polish Polonaise spinning wheel from Kromski family), I want to share the joy of having my very own, special, amazing and meaningful prawelewe stamp! It is a gift from my dearest friend- Irishmagda, who ordered it from Ireland and sent to me as a gift.

I am using the stamp now to prepare cute yarn tags for my hand-spun hanks. This is how the tags look like when attached to ready hanks:

Diamonds Grey hank Morganit Pink hank

Aren’t the hanks and their tags lovely? The shawl I am going to make of this yarn will be so beautiful. It has to!

The stamp will show up here and there many times more on this page for sure. I have already planned using it with my MAK markers.Oh, did I say that some new MAK sets are on their way?

~ Cathliin.


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  1. Downloaded your pattern and enjoying making the knit octopus. Hoping some local hospital will take them, if not they will be part of gifts for new babies. I used another pattern before finding yours and for the tentacles I had to kfbf instead of kfb and they spiraled. My tentacles are not spiraling like the ones in your pattern. Any idea why?

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