Such a unique Easter

2020 Easter card

2020 began as usual for most of us. Who would have thought that the whole world would make such a turn only three months later? We live now in a brand new reality, where people are physically far away from each other but at the same time seem to long for spiritual closeness more than ever before.

With spring knocking on the door and the wonderful Easter celebration period filling up our souls and thoughts, we remain separated from family members and friends, learning to build a very new kind of spiritual connection with those who are precious to us.

For many, it is an every-year challenge to slow down and ease our minds in preparation for the Easter Sunday in such a way that we purify ourselves truly. We rather focus on our homes and work… rarely being able to leave all those earthly matters behind and turn our sight into the right direction- to be calm, patient, positive and helpful, to be there for others, even strangers, without expecting to be paid back.

With all the restrictions and limitations spread above our heads these days, it is uneasy for many of us to find our way through the new reality. We are used to a certain day routine, with which we feel stable and strong. Some of us might feel stress and even fear now, when there is a need to act quite differently, in a way we are not familiar with. Making a decision about stepping out of the comfort zone, to use the so-popular phrase, is not the same as being forced to deal with the whole world turned upside down literally within a week.

Whether one likes it or not, we have become invited to take a very close look into the way we live our lives, the way we build our relationships and the way we approach people around us. Not only we look at how others could be useful to us but also how we could be useful to others.

It is so simple to see now that everything (good or bad) can happen to every one of us; there are situations we are able to shape easily and there are those, which we have only little influence on. Today you have something, tomorrow you might loose it. Today you are the one who gives money to a person on the street, tomorrow you might be the person who asks for support. Until something bad happens far away from us, we tend to think it is non existent. Only when a gunshot deafens us, we realise that guns do exist and are actually widely used. The past several weeks of watching the news from all over the world and sharing information with family members and friends who live in different parts of the globe reminded me that we are so dependent on each other. If we do not grow together, we fall apart.

This global situation… what an extraordinary way to make us humble!

Easter is the time when we remind ourselves that eventually good wins over bad, that there is no beginning without the end and that if something ends, the new is just about to come. I hope you all remember about that soothing truth.

Only good should come out of this whole situation we are struggling with now. We will survive this transition period to become stronger and better human beings. That is for sure.

Stay healthy and safe, and remember to help each other.

~ Cathliin

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