felted join

step by step instructions

Note: works with natural wool only

1. Put two pieces of yarn, which you want to connect, parallel to each other, both in horizontal position with tail ends on the opposite sides.

2. Untwist the tail ends (approx. 5 cm/ 2 inches of the end of each tail is enough).

3. Make the tail ends wet with your split- it cannot be water or any other liquid.

4. Align the tail ends, mixing the untwisted parts so they overlap in the 5 cm/ 2 inches section each.

5. Put the aligned tail ends on your hand and begin rolling over them with the other hand. Roll up and down couple of times- the ends should begin to come together.

6. Continue rolling until the ends begin to felt into each other. If you are using two colours you should roll until the colours begin to blend. With one colour yarns just roll until the two pieces are smoothly joined.

7. This is how it looks like when done properly:

felted join_08

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