provisional crochet cast on

step by step instructions

Note: use scrap that has similar thickness to the working yarn and a crochet hook in size similar to the main needles you are going to knit with

1. Using scrap yarn and a crochet hook work the number of chains specified in your pattern (number of cast on stitches plus additional chains).

2. Cut the tail leaving about 5 cm / 2 inches and pull the tail through the last chain.

3. Make a knot on the tail- you will undo the chain from this end when it is time to release the provisional cast on scrap yarn and get life stitches on your working needle.

4. When the chain is held in a horizontal position, its front side looks like letters V lying next to each other,

5. while the back side has the horizontal lines of small bumps standing out. This is where you insert your knitting needle.

6. Turn the chain so the back side is facing you and the knot is on the right.

7. Beginning from the right (from the knot side), skip two-three chains and insert knitting needle into a bump,

8. pull through the working yarn creating one loop, i.e. one stitch of your actual cast on row.

9. Moving to the left, repeat steps 7 and 8 for the next bumps/loops until you have the required number of stitches on your needle. Leave several extra chains on the left side with no cast on stitches built upon them.

10. Turn your work so the tail with the knot is on the left and mark the right side of your knitting [RS] with a removable stitch marker. Your provisional crochet cast on should look like this:

provisional crochet cast on_16

11. Work the next rows/ rounds as specified in your pattern.

12. When there is time to work on the cast on stitches, place your work so the cast on edge has its knot on the right.

13. Untie the knot and undo the first chain.

14. Pull the scrap yarn tail, undoing the crochet chain, until you release the first stitch of your knitted piece (this stitch will belong to the first row worked into the provisional cast on).

15. Insert your needle into the released stitch.

16. Continue pulling the scrap yarn, releasing one stitch at a time and inserting your working needle into the life stitch until the provisional crochet chain is undone and all the life stitches sit on your working needle.

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